Grygla Early Childhood Family Education

Grygla Early Childhood Family Education is a happy place.

Parents & Kids learn together.

Early Childhood Family Education (ECFE) is a place where parents & children learn and play together.  Children from birth to kindgergarten age explore and grow in ECFE's play room.  Parents discover practical parenting tips and activities to enjoy with their little ones.  A special time is set aside for parents to discuss the joys of having children as well as a variety of solutions for their concerns.

Early Childhood Family Education is for everybody.

Anyone with children from birth to kindergarten age is welcome at ECFE.  Classes are offered at NO CHARGE.

At Early Childhood Family Education you will find:

  1. Classes where creative activities help you and your child learn new skills together.
  2. Classes with parent-child activity time plus a parent-only discussion about your growing child.
  3. Evening classes for parents who can't attend the daytime program.
  4. Family Fun Nights, speakers, and special events for parents and children birth to kindergarten.
  5. Highly qualified and certified teachers who care about you and your children.
  6. Most of all you will find people just like you, who want to raise healthy, happy families.

For any questions, or to find out more about Grygla's ECFE program contact:

Avis Kennel


Jean Schulz

(218) 294-6155