When is city hall open

Tuesday through Thursday, 10.00 am - 3:00 pm

 How do I find my polling place

If you are unsure of your precinct location, check the Secretary of State Precinct Finder page. After a few questions to obtain your home address, it will provide the precinct number and location where you will go to vote as well as list which district elections within the state you are able to vote in.

The City of Grygla and most of the area townships vote by mail-in-ballots.

 Where do I apply for a dog & cat license

Dog licenses are handled in the City Clerk's Office.  Forms are available at the Civic Building. All dogs and cats need a license that is good for 1 year.  All license expire in May and need to renewed.

 When is garbage picked up

Recycling services are provided through Spruce Valley Enterprises out of Middle River. Garbage is picked up early Thursday morning, some times as early as 5:30am, it is best to put your garbage out the night before.